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User Tracking

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Websites owner should track the user visiting their sites. User tracking   enables the website owners to track the activity of its visitor. User   Tracking is built for website analysis and to monitor visitors.This can   include recording activities such as what pages were visited, track the   visitor’s IP address, and examine the referrers, at what time he visited   the page and what time he left.Application can track the halfsale, fullsale and affiliate sale for the websites.

Page per visit , in which the user can view each page and number of hits   on that page.There are the option for selceting the start and from   date. There is an option for selecting the affiliate.After selecting the affiliate,the records will be shown for that particular affiliate id.

Track visitors’ IP address, referrer,type of web browser, time of visit of your web page and time remained.
Records the sales performance of the site.
More detailed report.

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