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A new device found to capture digital copies of handwritten notes, that is, Apple’s SmartPen



A new device found to capture digital copies of handwritten notes, that is, Apple’s SmartPen

A smarten by Apple which is capable of translating hand movement into digital line drawing and text. This is another stylus design patent by Apple. Apple’s smarten was invented by Aleksandra Pance. Many similar devices like smarten present in market by a number of companies. The most relevant is Live scribe’s Smartpen, though few poses the complement of advanced technology set by Apple’s design. The working of Livescribe 3 like that it uses an infrared camera that was located in its tip to capture handwriting, which is then stored onboard or offloaded via Bluetooth. The whole process requires specific paper, with a large framework and a copious amount of power.
Apple’s smartpen is basically having technology based on proficient accelerometers or other motion-sensing hardware.
It activates when picked up, its nib is pressed to paper, withdrawn from a dock or manually turned on by the user. Then, sensors track the position changes in relation to starting position, it allows the device to send the real time data for translation and graphical representation on an iOS device’s screen like iPad , iPhone etc..

When a certain amount of quantity is collected by the smartpen, only then the smartpen configured to transmit the movement data.The data can be collected at predefined intervals or continuously, as user needs.There is an another option to sending out data to multiple devices, perhaps as meeting notes.

For example,we can consider if the smartpen were being used on a whiteboard, then the operator may require real time reproduction for displaying output on a larger digital screen. It should be noted that Apple’s invention can be built-in with multiple accelerometers to measure movements in all three dimensions, thus generating an accurate digital copy of stylus motion at any angle, whether it be on a desk, wall or in the air.
Apple points out that a user can transmit data to a computing device that remains in their pocket or bag, a flawless solution for saving digital backups of physical notes.

Like other Apple patents, the viewpoint is actually making it to production is slim considering the huge efforts put into a multitouch interface. Most of the hardware mentioned in the patent are already being used in current-generation iPhones and iPads.

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