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10 New Providers Adds Maps Data for Apple

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10 New Providers Adds Maps Data for Apple

10 new companies has been added by Apple which provide location data for iOS and OS X . The firms which are asking to submit bulk location information are DAC Group, Location3 Media, Marquette Group, Placeable, PositionTech, SIM Partners, SinglePlatform, UBL, Yext, and Yodle. The bulk contents are asked to be submitted by Apple to one of the firm on its partner list, rather than directly to them.

To improved Maps apps, Apple has been working steadily since 2012 , Google is in favour of in-house technology. But the past launch has many complaints about missing or mislabeled information, poorly_rendered 3D, and lack of public transit directions. But those complaint forced Apple to update Maps silently.

In accuracy , Apple services win over Google services in driving directions. Apple had bought and bought transit oriented mapping and information companies in a number but the Apple is still restoring public transit guidance as this transit is wholly removed from the starting version and not available yet. This feature may now come in later point release i.e. iOS 9 .

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