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Adaptive Layout Is A Huge Prototype Shift For iOS App Designers

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Adaptive Layout Is A Huge Prototype Shift For iOS App Designers

Apple has been approaching developers to create universal applications for some time now. At WWDC 12, Auto Layout was released for iOS and improvements followed for it in iOS 7. And now with iOS 8, Adaptive Design has been introduced. Adaptive Layout includes several new API’s and Interface Builder advancements to support developing universal apps. Adaptive Layout in iOS 8 is a huge prototype shift for iOS app designers. When designing your app, you can now create a single layout, which works on all current iOS 8 devices – without crufty platform specific code.

If you’ve been developing iOS apps for a number of years, you’ve probably realized why adaptive design can be helpful. Adaptive design encompasses several new ideas and techniques instead of being just one, singular API. Some components of adaptive design include traits collections, size classes, Auto Layout, and more. At its core, adaptive design exists to help developers create universal and localized apps easily.

Traits Collections:- “Traits” control how elements of an interface change when things like device orientation change. Trait environments contain screens, windows, view controllers, views, and presentation controllers.

Size Classes:- “Size classes” are a type of trait that gives information about the physical device width and height. This is an extremely powerful approach, and allows us to define variations in layouts for different devices and orientations.

Auto Layout:- “Auto Layout” is a responsive design approach. Auto Layout is about relationships. The positions of elements relative to other elements on the design surface. At the heart of Auto Layout is the idea of constraints or rules that define the placement of an element or set of elements in the context of other elements on the screen

Adaptive design is possibly the most important change in iOS development in several years. Earlier to adaptive design, universal apps were not easily developed and scalability in such projects could be an issue.

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