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Apple iOS 8.2 Beta Released For Developers

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Apple iOS 8.2 Beta Released For Developers

One of the biggest release one of Apple . iOS 8.2 is a major next release of the Apple after a six updates of iOS 8 in just 5 months.
Apple History shows , iOS beta has only two times gone beyond five betas for any major version of iOS since 2011. Yet No launch date has been given for a final release.

As we are exited for release pf iOS 8.2 as it will add compatibility with the upcoming Apple watch released in April confirmed by Tim Cook in an earning conference call last week.

Speaking of Apple Watch, the icon for the wearable’s companion iPhone app made the rounds on Twitter as did the settings screen for the device.

iOS 8.2 Beta 5 has minor changes than the changes made in beta 4 and it hints that it is a final version which addresses standing bugs which made users and developers angry.

Bluetooth, WiFi, Battery and calendar problems are specifically referred in beta 5.
Under a ‘Calendar’ section the beta 5 release notes state “Fixed in beta 5 – 3rd party calendar sync does not work in this beta.”

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