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Apple’s Next-Generation Mobile OS iOS 9

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Apple’s Next-Generation Mobile OS iOS 9

iOS 9, codenamed Monarch, is Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system. It was announced at WWDC 2015 at Moscone Center in San Francisco on June 8, 2015. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is where Apple introduces new software updates tricks and tips to the world for their devices. It includes a more intellectual Spotlight, more proactive Siri, a new News app, an updated Notes app, transit directions in Maps, a renamed Wallet app with store and loyalty cards, tether-less CarPlay, and slide-over and split-screen modes for iPad. There were many anticipated features by its users so that its devices can work more efficiently and in a user-friendly manner.
iOS 9 Review – New Features of iOS 9

New Siri: The siri UIhas got new look up features like photos, reminders, sports scorecards, weather forecasts, etc. It can understand appropriate reminders as we say it to Siri it will add it as a reminder.

Intelligence: Siri is able of looking up your email and contact information if a person calls and his number is not saved on the phone. This information is not shared but can be disabled in the setting as well.

Proactive Siri: The Proactive characteristic of Siri will improve you get things done even before you ask it. It is now able of playing for you the audio that you want or even add invitations to the calendar without even notifying you.

Font: The new font for the system is San Fransisco.

Spotlight + Siri: Contacts, nearby location will come up according to time automatically.

Spotlight Search: Searching for subject matter has become wider with this characteristic, and third party apps can integrate themselves with this feature. It is now positioned left to the home screen.

Transit in Maps: Transit information has been added to maps like trains and buses to selected cities. Transit has been integrated with Siri as well. Just tapping on the transit point will show you all the information about that particular location.

Nearby: This characteristic lets you know the information of food, shopping like details on the map.

Home Kit: This characteristic gives more control over your home automation which also includes Siri this time.

Split Screen: Split screen has been added with the help of multitasking. You can do multiple tasks at the same time.

Slide Over: With the use of Slide Over apps you can slide one application over the other. They can later be slided away to keep on with what you were doing.

Picture in Picture: A video also can be played on top of the screen in a small corner so that we can view what’s going on with the other apps concurrently.

Wallet App: This app will change passbook. It will be able to support all kinds of credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and even boarding passes.

Keyboard Update: Now lower case letters will look on the keys of keyboard when typing. This will clearly show when the shift key is active.

Notes App: Checklists and numbering is supported with notes. Photos can be added. A drawing tool is also available to sketch up your thoughts. These features are up to date with the iCloud.

Battery Life: Low power mode can help disable some features of the phone and the device can last for a further time.

News: All the news will come into one app. This app takes advantage of multimedia like video to add it to the news and making the reading experience worth the while. The content are optimized for smoother execution on the iOS.

Car Play: Now Car play is supported wirelessly, which means you can have the phone in your pocket and never get it out. Car play is also capable to play audio message.

Quick Type: Now quick type comes with a shortcut bar, editing tools, and text selection using multi-touch gestures. A wireless keyboard can also be connected to an iPad.

Faster and Responsive: Taking advantage of Metal, the CPU & GPU presentquicker and smoother. effectiveness and multitasking has improved as well.

iOS 9 Update: The update size is relatively small which gives it the capability to fit into smaller storage.

iOS 8.3 vs. iOS 9

Remarkable features contain Siri becoming more intellectual and proactive, battery life being extended by hours, multi-tasking features being added, health kit being outfitted with extra features, and transit information being added. These features have empowered the iOS 9 collection and made it even stronger. Other application like news, QuickType, Note, and Spotlight have been given additional features which benefit the users. Further, the update size is relatively small which gives it the ability to fit into smaller storage.