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Aura UI Framework



Aura UI Framework

Aura is a UI framework , which is for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices, while providing a scalable long-lived lifecycle to support building apps engineered for growth. Aura UI Framework supports partitioned multi-tier component development that bridges the server and client.
Aura is a rich and extensible component set to kick start building apps. You don’t have to spend your time optimize your apps for variant devices as the components take care of that for you.
The framework intelligently utilizes your network,devices,browser and server, so you can easily focus on the logic and interactions of your apps.
The Aura project is necessarily the second major version of Solar, reimagined and rewritten as a library collection with dependency injection instead of a framework with service location.
Aura has enough libraries to form a full-stack framework of its own. Aura is planned to take advantage of the features available in PHP 5.4+. This means closures, formal namespaces, anonymous functions and late static binding, short array syntax,the callable typehint, , traits and other features not available in PHP 5.2.x and earlier.
Aura has a bunch of other benefits which are given below:
It is an open source.
It is not native to the platform.
It is built using object-oriented principles.
It heavily utilizes events to interact with different components.
Aura provides an incredibly powerful framework to create applications for all mediums, with the ability to quickly transition between desktop and mobile. Take little-bit time to start learning Aura now and get a head start!

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