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Google Introduces Android TV

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Google Introduces Android TV


Android TV is a smart TV platform developed by Google. It creates an interactive and amazing television experience. Android TV can be built into both TVs and standalone digital media Players. Google is partnering with Sony, Sharp, and TP Vision to offer the platform in TVs, while Razor plans to release set-top boxes with a focus on gaming. Razor has been producing some of the best high-end hardware for PC gamers: controllers, headsets, mice, keyboards, and of course, the awesome Blade gaming notebook PC. Android TV is simply a means of bringing to your TV set all of the apps and features of your Android Smartphone or tablet. Android TV also makes your television set a gaming device. You can download and install games from Google Play. Android TV requires just a directional D-pad as well as voice input, which could appear in a traditional remote, a virtual keypad on a Smartphone or even a gamepad.

Android TV features:-

1-Using Android TV, perform multitasking work

You can watch a show in one corner of the TV screen, and then use the rest space to browse one Web page or another. You can also have Google TV schedule a recording on a separate digital video recorder.

2-Search with Voice

Key to the new features in Android TV is search (typically enough for Google). Search is powered by voice. Burke used his phone to search for content, but the remote could be used. When he searched for Breaking Bad, he got a list of actors and YouTube clips, as well as the show itself.

3- Control with android phone

Android phone is now a remote for controlling Android TV. Speaking of Android, a lot of existing Android apps in the Marketplace will work on Google TV. Android TV will come with a mobile app that lets you control everything without ever needing to reach for a remote.

4-Easy to stream

Android TV also makes it easy to stream content even if you’re just visiting a friend’s house. Instead of making you log in, the new software will automatically register that there’s another phone in the room so you can play your new favorite song on some decent speakers.

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