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Google Photos : Unlimited backup your photos and videos

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Google Photos : Unlimited backup your photos and videos

Every second of every day, people around the world are capturing their memories through photos and videos. Humankind has already taken trillions of photos and will take other trillions this year alone. Photos and videos become littered across mobile devices, old computers, hard drives and online services (which are constantly running out of space). It’s almost impossible to find that one photo right at the moment you need it, and sharing a bunch of photos at once is frustrating, often requiring special apps and logins. But now we have option because Google is declaring that Google Photos lets you backup and store “unlimited, high-quality photos and videos, for free.” All of Google’s various photo offerings had storage limits based on your Google account (Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+).

The new Google Photos offers completely unlimited content backup, so you can upload as many images and videos as you’d like without it counting against your Google Drive storage space, like it did with the old app. Once you choose to backup your photos and videos (or not), you can choose a couple different upload options. That said, Google Photos maintains the original resolution up to 16MP for photos and 1080p high-definition for videos. The app also stores compressed versions of the photos and videos in print-quality resolution.

Since the new Google Photos app is just an update to the old Photos application (the one that was attached to Google+), you can grab the new version by simply updating your old Photos app. Once the app has been updated, it’s pretty easy to set up. Upon opening Photos for the first time, you’ll be asked if you’d like to backup your photos and videos. Google Photos is now completely decoupled from Google+, so there’s no need to worry about other people seeing your private pictures.

Features:- The most important feature in Google Photos is that the app will automatically organize your photos for you. The app can recognize faces, pets, landscapes, locations and more, and will group together like photos for your convenience. Press the “+” button to create your own collages, animations, movies with soundtracks, and more.

There’s a new feature in the app called ‘Assistant’, where we’ll suggest new things made with your photos and videos, such as a collage or a story based on a recent trip you took. After previewing the creation, you can choose to keep, edit, or discard it.

You have the choice to share your photos and videos however you want across any service you choose, from Hangouts to Twitter to WhatsApp. But even then, it’s still remarkably difficult to share a lot of photos just with friends and family and keep the ones shared with you—it usually involves a lot of downloading and re-uploading across a number of different services. We wanted to make sharing much simpler and more reliable.

You can now take any set of photos and videos, or any album; you can create a link for any set of photos and videos. The recipient can see what you shared without logging in and without having Google Photos themselves. They can also save these to their own library with a single tap.

The app is only compatible with a few different devices at the start, but Google says it’s working to bring support to more devices in the future.