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HTML 6 :- The Bright Future Of The Web Applications

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HTML 6 :- The Bright Future Of The Web Applications

HTML is a pretty simple web development language to make web pages and now it’s rolling out their new versions, and now it has started working to roll out its sixth reversion. HTML5 the currently running revision of html and this one is considered one of the best and most sought-after all previous HTML versions.

Overview on HTML5:- HTML5 been a very powerful and leap forward for web developers. It gave us exciting features like audio and video support, offline local storage, and most importantly ability to build mobile optimized websites. It gave us new tags and freedom from using type attribute from tags. And more? It helped developers organize content in a more proper manner by using new tags etc. Although HTML5 is still in its development stage yet and isn’t a truly semantic markup.

Concept of HTML 6:- The sixth revision of HTML is HTML 6 with namespaces that has structure like XML. HTML6 is conceptually HTML with XML like namespaces. If you don’t know XML or don’t know what XML namespaces are they’re basically a way to allow you to use the same tag without it conflicting with a different tag.

In HTML6 we take advantage of this ingenious concept by giving us freedom to use whatever tag we want by the W3C reserving namespaces and not tags. The W3C would basically reserve the right to all namespaces, and each namespace they reserve will trigger a different HTML API.