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iPhones & iPads OS up-gradation to iOS 8 approaches to 68 percent

Key Software ServicesAppleiPhones & iPads OS up-gradation to iOS 8 approaches to 68 percent



iPhones & iPads OS up-gradation to iOS 8 approaches to 68 percent

On developer portal, Apple updated new statistics on Wednesday regarding iOS 8 , Its current operating system. iPhone and iPads both users adopted this OS up to 68 Percent, Rose 8 percent approximately six weeks ago. Earlier version to iOS 8 losing its popularity as iOS 7 declined 6 percent points and now its usage is 29 percent in iPhone and iPads while other iOS 6 and earlier versions are limited to those devices which are not further upgraded in new versions and holding just 4 percent of all devices.

This overall statistics is basically based on iOs devices that are tiny number of internet restricted uni used on App store. Due to some bugs in iOS 8.0 like connectivity and Touch ID issued for iPhone 6 users , up-gradation rate of iOS devices to iOS 8.0 is not so high as iOS 7 at its development phase. But after few weeks of its slow growth caused by a public which were worry of serious bugs widely reported in iOS 8.0.1 release, its up gradation rates quickly rose to its normal level.

In December , Apple fixes and improved some OS X integration feature and released 8.1 and activated Apple Pay which helped in bringing up-gradation of iOS 8 level up and it is recorded that latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus devices break the record sale of around 66 million of units higher than the previous year Christmas’ around 51 million. Its overall year growth is around 30 percent.

There are some minor issues with current version 8.1.2 like ringtones and updated security . Now 8.1.3 beta is in development and alongside a larger iOS 8.2 release.
An 8.1.3 beta is said to be in development, alongside a larger iOS 8.2 release.

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