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MapKit Framework For iOS Programming

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MapKit Framework For iOS Programming

Maps are important part of our life and always helpful for us to locate places and directions. The MapKit Framework is what you use to add a map to your application. The MapKit framework makes it easy for developers to implement applications which can make use of the maps in the applications. It is an API available on the phone that makes it easy to display maps, jump to coordinates, plot locations, and draw routes.

The MapKit Framework is based on the Apple Maps data and APIs and provides iOS developers a simple mechanism for mapping capabilities into application. This framework also provides support for annotating the map, adding overlays, and performing reverse-decoding.

The current location of the device may also be displayed and tracked on the map view. Developer can display standard street-level map information, satellite, or a combination of the both (hybrid).The MapKit framework also includes support for adding annotations to a map. Annotation can make form of a pin, custom image and title.
You can zoom, and pitch the map programmatically, display 3D buildings, and annotate the map with custom information. The Map Kit framework also provides automatic support for the touch events that let users zoom and pan the map. MapKit also give information relating to the map view such as a change in either the location of the user or region of the map displayed or the failure of the device to identify the user’s current location.
With help of MapKit you can use the 3D map. A 3D map is a standard 2D map. So by using the MapKit you can center the map on a given coordinate, specify the size of the area you want to display, and annotate the map with custom information and do many more things with MapKit.

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