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New Feature Of Pre-registration for Android application

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New Feature Of Pre-registration for Android application

Google has introduced an interesting new feature to the Google Play Store after it began allowing users to pre-register for upcoming Android apps.If you have ever wanted to get an alert about when an Android app is being released in the Google Play Store , app developers may have the option to let you pre-register before apps are launched.It’s always made sense to pre-order books, movies and TV shows on digital marketplaces. But now google has the option, Pre-registration is free for Android customers and allows them to receive notifications when the app or game is available for download or for purchase on the store.

This new feature was spotted being used by publisher Glu Media for the upcoming movie-based third person shooter Terminator Genisys: Revolution.We can see developers using pre-register listings to help promote their apps and games ahead of launch and give users a landing page to learn more about what’s coming ahead of its actual arrival.

Ultimately, it is up to software developers or publishers to make their apps available for pre-registration. Once they choose to do so.The upside of this is that developers will be able to assure customers that their Android apps are in the works. The App and game may listed in the Google Play Store, and users can click on the “Pre-register” option so they can get an alert. Users also have the option to unregister the app just in case they lose interest.This kind of setup could help both consumers and app publishers. Users don’t have to worry about missing out on when new apps are being launched, while publishers can get an idea of how much interest their apps have before they are released.The pre-registration feature is currently unique to Android. Apple allows users to pre-order albums and movies from its iTunes Store, but there’s no equivalent feature for apps.

Google has not made any official comment on the new feature, but it is expected to roll out more widely in the coming weeks and months. It looks an interesting strategy to continue Android’s fight with iOS in the app world.

Benefits for developers/User:-

User:- User can easily follow the latest activity of their favorite developers. They will be notified months before new updates and apps get released.But Google did not make other declarations whether the listing of the apps will take into account except that the pre-registration option is already available on its online store. Developers have also mentioned that the option is totally cost-free and that users are free to de-register anytime they want to.

It’s also a great user-visible placeholder on the Play Store. Now when the user search for a not yet released app, user can at least see the official version is unreleased before seeing the spam versions.

Developer:- On the other hand Google’s new Play Store app listing has definitely captured producers’ attention due to the possible financial and marketing benefits they can thereby obtain.App developers will, thus, manage to inform their customers about the online platforms or games they plan to release.Pre-registration could be useful for games that are timed for release alongside films or big budget productions that want to drive up interest and hype pre-launch.

Make Play Store more friendly for android user/developer:- This is the latest initiative in Google’s ongoing effort to make the Play Store more developer and consumer-friendly. Recently it announced it would start pre-screening apps, likely an effort to cut down on malware and overall junk. The Play Store also gives developers the ability to respond to user complaints, something they can’t do in Apple’s App Store. With Google I/O in a few weeks, we may even see more features coming our way.