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Now Video In Web Design

Today, videos on the web

These days, there are many technologies at our disposal that Flashes mostly fallen by the wayside. To display our videos and other animated HTMl5 makes much easier for us, visual footage in our websites. Video on the Web has improved quite a bit since that first jittery low-res commercial I watched on my Quadra 605 back in 7th grade. Still for the most part, videos are still separate from the Web, cordoned off by iframes and Flash and bottled up in little windows in the center of the page. They’re a missed opportunity for Web designers everywhere.
But how do you integrate video into an app or a marketing page? What would it look like, and how do you implement it? In this article, you will find inspiration, how-tos and a few technical goodies to get you started with modern video on the Web.

For an intro:-

Videos are great for introducing your users to a product or service without overpowering them with a list of features a mile long. Think of many Sass websites; how many can you see with an intro video that explains the product or service a little more?
The key with this video is to make it the focus of your design. While you will want to mention the features in text and imagery below, having a video that shows the main features in a creative way is a sure-fire way of getting your users to notice the product and want to try it more.

How do I Use Video

If you venture into video and animation in your next project, you won’t have many resources to lean on for implementation. No canonical, easy-to-use, open-source library for syncing video with animation exists, so every implementation is a bit different. Should you use a JavaScript animation library or pure CSS key frames and transitions? Should you host the videos yourself and take advantage of HTML5’s video tag events or use YouTube or Video? And then how exactly do you tie animations to a video?
Together, we will explore answers to the above-mentioned questions and more as we build our own micro JavaScript framework. Charlie.js provides an easy-to-use API for building pages with synchronized video and CSS3 animation.

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