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The iOS app advertisement revenue generation is still high

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The iOS app advertisement revenue generation is still high

The Apple retained its lead in revenue generation in mobile app advertisement. This is based on the report from Opera Media Works. The report shows that Android is on high in mobile ad traffic in Q4. The company presents the quarterly report and is based on the trends and insights from company’s mobile ad platform. The report shows that Apple in high position in countries like-United States, Germany and United Kingdom. These countries helped company to retain its position. The same report also shows that in these countries the video advertising is very common. The monetization level is highest with more than half is revenue.
The Mobile video ad success is depends on that consumers having advanced devices and there must be high bandwidth on networks. In France 34% of the advertisement is mobile video. Spain and Italy are also good on this with 27.9% and 17.5% of mobile video ads.
The usage of mobile app is very high in Western Market. And this drives a healthy user acquisition. The app developers and publishers use mobile ads and direct response from users to acquire more users in market. In past years, the total amount spend in these types of things has risen.
The other thing that the report shows is that, in 2014 the games category is ahead in traffic as well as revenue. There is a number of distance in game traffic in 2013 and 2014 is 5% and 14% respectively. The revenue numbers are also impressive from 3% of revenue to 21.4%.
In Q4 2014, the social networking category has the most traffic with 28.8%, and the music, video and media category generated revenue with 21.6%.
If we talk about the region, the United States has the high mobile ad economy, with nearly a 44% share of impression. The Asia Pacific comes on second place with 26.1% share and Europe is at 12.5% of total share.

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