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Why to Learn Android Development?



Why to Learn Android Development?

Most of the people cannot imagine leaving home without their mobile phones.
The popularity of mobile applications is rising rapidly. The mobile user wants to do so much more than just make phone calls and play games. Professionals want instant access to all their business documents, planners, emails and whatnot, and larger devices seem bulky and restraining. Nearly all adults now have cell phones, with three in four having smart phones.
People from all over the world are fast switching from their laptops and notebooks to smart phones. This shows the rapid growing need for Mobile Application developers.
Android and iOS combine capture 96% global market share in the third quarter. In Q3’14 Goble Market Share of Google Android is 83.6% and Apple iOS is 12.3%.

Why to Learn Android Development?

Google’s Android captured an impressive market share of smart phones as compare to Apple’s iPhone, Blackberry and others.
Android’s popularity as operating software for smart phones is increasing fastly because of one reason, “No other platform provides so many applications for free!”
However, the market are filled with jobs in field of application development in iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows and other platforms as well, but the open-source nature of Android adds to its appeal.
It is because of so much consumer demand that so many tech firms are seeking talented Android developers. Consumer today knows which operating software is full filling all the requirements and providing other best useful applications. That is why today’s technically aware world is an Android developer.
Reasons to learn Android Development:

1. Expanded Market Share: The android community is growing at a faster pace. Developing for Android will enable you to provide your applications to a larger audience and hence increasing your chances of being recognize in the market. At present time, Android Devices capture over 83.6% of market all will run the application you design! Think about it…
2. Cross-Platform Capability: If you are already developing applications for any other mobile platform, it is going to be a greater opportunity for you to develop Android application for the expanded market! You can port your application using the Android SDK and grow at an exponential rate!
3. Expand your Thinking: Unlike Apple’s iTunes store, the Google Play Store has fewer restrictions, which means you can develop anything and everything that you want without having to worry about restrictions. Working without restrictions is having total freedom to build anything for your application!
4. Academic Perspective: From the academics point of view, learning Android Application development will introduce you with a very new programming paradigm, skills required are knowledge of C, C++, Objective C, Java, Android SDK .You will be regardless of your prior knowledge about programming or mobile development.
5. Career Opportunity: The most important of all is the career opportunity. Mobile developers are high in demand and will remain to be in demand for a long time and learning how to develop new mobile applications will be boost up.

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