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Windows 9 to be complimentary for Windows 8 users

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October 1 , 2014 | Posted by Keyss | No Comments

Windows 9 to be complimentary for Windows 8 users

The blast around Windows 9 is reaching fever pitch in front of its budding inauguration at a San Francisco event on September 30, with the latest rumour once again pointing to the OS being released as a free download for certain users.

This particular statement comes from Indonesian online publication Detik, which quotes Microsoft Indonesia CEO and president director Andrew Diantoro as saying that Windows 9 will be made handy to download as a free update if Windows 8 is previously installed on the device.

It’s uncertain whether you will require to be on a particular version of Windows 8 to be eligible for the upgrade. Previous this year, Russian hacker group WZOR claimed that Microsoft was deciding whether to offer Windows 9 for free to Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.2 (or Windows 8.2 Update 2) or to grant a considerable discount instead.

Microsoft has been reserved on the subject of the actual name of Windows 8.1’s successor, telling that as its forthcoming event will focus on the future of Windows, there is no authorized name for what has been referred to as Windows 9, or Windows “Threshold.”


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