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Apple Research Kit For iOS Users

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Apple Research Kit For iOS Users

Apple announced a new framework called Research Kit at an event on Monday and it will be open from next month. Research Kit an open source software framework that can be used for medical and health research. It is open source means that anybody can make apps using it.Research Kit developed in participation with research institutions and number of hospitals, enable the iOS users to research on diseases like diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s and asthma. This technology will help doctors and scientists collect data from their patients and evaluate the diseases more accurately and with the help of Research Kit, researchers can easily create the apps that take the advantage to gather new types of data that never available before. Research Kit, which is a set of code from which developers can build iPhone apps, is an open-source way for universities, hospitals and researchers to collect more data to help diagnose.

At present time the Research Kit has the five application based on diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s diseases and asthma. These apps make several small tests and from the results of test, the medical profession can conclude certain information.
Asthma health app is an app from out five applications. This app developed by Mount Sinai, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Life Map. This app help in self manage their asthma by avoiding areas where air quality could worsen symptoms. The other app is Parkinson’s research app, in this app a tap test to measure tremors, and a walking test to measure your gait.

Users have the freedom whether they want to provide their data to researchers or not. The data is collected from the Research Kit applications and securely sent to the server for analysis of the research institutes. Apple gives guarantee of privacy.
The health app can keep the user’s record like weight, blood pressure; glucose levels etc and the Research Kit can access the health data from various health applications and help the user to maintain their health.

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