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Google Wallet

Overview of Google Wallet:- Google Mobile Wallet may allow you to make Payment Transactions in-store using the Google Wallet application which resides on your mobile device. Google Wallet is a free digital wallet that securely stores your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, offers, and more. With Google Wallet, you can shop in stores, buy online, and send money. Google Wallet Virtual Card that has been issued by The Bancorp Bank.

The Google Mobile Wallet Service may also enable you to store your Payment Instruments on GPC(Google Payment Corp) servers. In order for you to use the Google Wallet Virtual Card, you must have a Google Wallet Account with an associated Google Wallet application, which are provided by Google Payment Corp. (“GPC”). By accepting and using the Google Wallet Virtual Card, you agree to be bound by these terms of use term and the Google Wallet terms and services. By Google Wallet app lets you save all of your gift cards, loyalty programs and offers in one place, and send money to anyone in the U.S. who has a Gmail or Google Wallet account. If they don’t have a Google Wallet already, they can create one in order to send and receive money. For users with NFC-enabled Android devices, you can also tap your phone to pay in stores. Google Wallet Virtual Card means the prepaid MasterCard branded card which takes the form of a virtual card within the NFC mobile chip embedded in your mobile phone.

Processing Service:- User must complete all required information elements on the Google Wallet registration pages & register a valid Payment Instrument to make Payment Transactions. Authorization of GPC to confirm that your Payment Instrument is in good standing with the issuing financial institution


Payment Transaction:- Google Wallet Virtual Card will allow you to make Payment Transactions at any merchant or seller which accepts contactless payments. Payment Transactions are completed using the Google Wallet Application under the Google Wallet Terms of Service. At this time, tap and pay functionality is only supported on US-based devices.


Personal Identification Number:- Authorized user will be able to set a PIN(Personal Identification Number)  using the Google Wallet application. Additional card for another is not allowed.

Unauthorized Transfers:- For Unauthorized transaction Google provide a toll free number to Support 1-888-249-1855.

If someone may have access to the Google Wallet Virtual Card and Mobile Wallet PIN, please call Google Wallet Support at once at 1-888-249-1855.

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