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iAd Is A Mobile Advertising Platform In iOS

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iAd Is A Mobile Advertising Platform In iOS

Using iAd earns revenue:
iAd is a mobile advertising platform developed by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Advertising can be an appealing way to add extra income to an application and gain more users. As an iOS developer, you can use iAd to generate revenue. Luckily for us developers, integrating iAd into application is quick and easy. It is easy way to earn revenue and promote your app while providing a high quality and experience to your users. iAd which allows app publishers to monetize their apps by placing either banner ads or full screen ads (or both) into the app. Developers can use iAd Workbench to create ad campaigns and reach the right audience.

In iAd, developers can use the 4 types of advertisements. These are Banner Ads, Medium Rectangle Ads, Interstitials and Pre-Roll video ads. IAd banner advertisements are the most common type of iAd. Banner ads are supported on both iPhone and iPad based applications. Banner iAd appear at the bottom of the device display while an application view is visible to the user automatically cycle through different ads. When a banner ad is tapped, a full screen advert appears until dismissed by the user.

The medium rectangle ad is a 300 x 250 pixel advertisement that is available for iPhone and iPad. Medium rectangle ads are designed to be used within the content of a view. Developers must manually configure and layout the medium rectangle ads and there is no automatic setup with this type of add

The Interstitial ad is third type of iAd app. In this type of iAd adverts occupy the full device display and are primarily intended to be displayed when a user transitions from one screen to another within an application. Interstitial display can be configured to be automatic or manual.

The last type of iAd is the Pre-Roll video ads. For applications that make use of the iOS Media Player framework to play videos, Pre-Roll video ads allows advertisement videos to be played before the actual video is played to the user.

The iAd advertisements can be free or paid. With just a few lines of code, developers can deliver Rich media ads into own apps and receive ad revenue generated. Developers may remove iAd ads from own app at any time by removing the iAd Framework.

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